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Latest News for all iKonMac & own label Distributors

 E - catalogue update


Log on, we have 3 official web sites and hundreds of imposters pretending to be us please be careful,

only click onto our sites using the full addresses please


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Machine News this month

Is this the most important development in coding & marking in 10 years?
The iKonMac U.V. L.E.D. High Res printing system is ready. Instant drying on nonporous surfaces!! All new iKonMac High resolution printers can be used for UV LED with no additional cost of the printer, all that’s needed is a UV LED Lamp which we can supply. First deliveries can start very soon. We have the ambient temperature ink that works very well........
No heater = no problem.
 Sorry our UV LED system is top secret so.....  Any further UV LED information on request so call me only at clive@ikonmac.com for further information
More new printers ready or becoming available 
*A Simple Standalone L.C.P. for MEK and all inks (looks like the E18) a leaflet will be available soon
SK2000 printer is GOOD, simple and reliable and a very nice price
*Handijet, hand held LCP D.O.D .for M.E .K. solvent and water based inks
with blue tooth communications will be available soon
*A completely new Handijet based on the HP cartridge will be ready later this year   
NEW High Resolution Inks now available


Invisible ink (UV readable) non porous ink for High Resolution is now available
Also UV readable special completely invisible ink on brown carton boxes this ink is
impossible to see with your eye.
 We have an extra black solvent ink for really dark black print. 
Special glass ink this sticks to the bottle as MEK.
Special metal ink this ink is just like MEK and prints on cans and foil Fast dry solvent …….
about 10 seconds!
We now have an ink that dries in less than 6 seconds.
We have slow dry inks for when the factory line is too hot.
Special Oil based ink for 70mm heads. We now have several versions for the 35 Pico litre heads 
New UV LED inks, we have Black and pigmented white
For any printing applications you are not sure of.
Just send in the details of the product you wish to print, we can advise and test for you.

Much more news later


Kind Regards

Clive Lawes M.D. 

iKonMac Sarl & ikonmac Ltd. Marking our way in the World